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Roy W. Anderson P.E. provides consulting services as an expert in crash investigation, and in road standards and practices in the fields of highway and traffic planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Such issues draw upon his expertise in engineering, litigation, and his knowledge in human factors.

He has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants to investigate, analyze, and provide opinions. He often testifies on a wide variety of issues involving injuries and fatalities. Some of the issues he has addressed include:

  1. Road geometrics and safety systems:

    -Curvature and banking adequacy
    -Commercial facility and driveway location
    -Median design and widths
    -Median barriers, guardrails and bridge railings
    -Utility location
    -Pavement edge drop-offs

  2. Intersections:

    -Signing and traffic control
    - Sight distance
    -Surface condition

  3. Surface drainage and pavement skid resistance
  4. Pedestrian behavior and protection
  5. Driver needs in low visibility conditions
  6. Roadside clear recovery zone adequacy
  7. Guardrail and median barriers
  8. Fixed objects, excavations and edge drop-offs
  9. Work zones:

    -Work zone planning and operation
    -Traffic control plan adequacy and compliance
    - Contract requirements & administration
    - Driver response to traffic control devices
    - Parking equipment & storing materials on the roadside
    - Worker protection from traffic and work equipment
    - Portable traffic signals
    - Haul roads crossing highways
    - Flagger safety
    - Pavement edge drop-offs
    - Sight distance obstructions and driver behavior

  10. Maintenance:
    -Pavement edge drop-offs
    -Pavement surfaces and treatment
    -Shoulder surfaces
    -Traffic control
    -Sight distance

Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

Roy W. Anderson, P.E., the president of TranSafety, Inc., is an internationally known consultant and expert witness in the areas of highway design, construction, operation, and safety. Mr. Anderson holds licenses as a professional civil and traffic engineer. He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University, an M.S. in Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Certificate for Multidisciplinary Highway Collision Investigation Training from the University of Southern California. As a member of the Transportation Research Board Study Committee, Roy Anderson helped develop Safer Roads--Practices for Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation. He co-authored sections of the national standard for work zones published in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Roy’s work at the National Transportation Safety Board on the subject of traffic barrier systems resulted in improved standards for bridge railing systems and improvements for barriers for heavy vehicles.

Roy recommended to AAA Foundation Traffic Safety that pavement edge drop-offs be researched due to variations and short comings of previous research. The AAA subsequently sponsored the research. Roy served as member of the advisory committee to AAA and the research contractor. The study “Safety Impact of Pavement Edge Drop-offs“was published September, 2006. The publication of the study was a significant step forward in providing critical guidance in preventing and treating pavement edge drop-offs.

Before establishing his own training, publishing, and consulting firm, Mr. Anderson was Director of Safety Studies at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in Washington D.C. He also served as that agency's Traffic Engineer and as crash investigator. His contributions to highway safety earned him that agency's Special Achievement Award. Prior to joining NTSB, he served as a traffic safety and field construction engineer with the California Department of Transportation.

Currently Mr. Anderson is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Transportation Research Board.

Click here for a complete curriculum vitae of Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

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