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January 1 , 2012

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B.S., Civil Engineering, Texas Tech University (1961)
M.S., Engineering, University of California at Berkeley (1969)
Certificate for Multidisciplinary Highway Collision Investigation Training, University of Southern California (1975)


Registered Professional Engineer (State of California)
Civil Engineer (CE 14842)
Traffic Engineer (TR 1000)


September 1982 to Present, TranSafety, Inc.

Provides consulting services concerning the safety of motorists, highway workers, pedestrians, and others affected by planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the highway facility. President of TranSafety, Inc., Editor and Publisher of journals which are published on the TranSafety, Inc. Internet website http://www.usroads.com.

November 1972 to September 1982, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

June 1979 to September 1982   Directed program of evaluation and oversight of transportation safety programs administered by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT).  Responsibilities of office included investigation of safety programs managed by Federal, state, and local governments through both management reviews as well as programs utilizing investigation of individual crashes.  Individual studies address such narrow issues as the adequacy of safety standards for highway traffic barriers to broader issues of the type of design standards to be used for the rebuilding of the nation's non-Interstate roads. Provided testimony before Congressional committees.

Other responsibilities required reviewing new safety standards being considered by the USDOT for various modes of transportation with emphasis on highways and preparing written comments to the USDOT when needed; reviewing NTSB accident investigation reports affecting safety evaluation and oversight programs; preparing testimony and testifying before Congressional Committees; and acting as NTSB spokesman at selected safety programs and functions.  Provided focal point for highway safety program planning for NTSB.

October 1976 to June 1979   Directed the NTSB governmental liaison activity.  Included monitoring the safety regulatory activities of the USDOT and preparing NTSB position papers; preparing reports on the effectiveness of transportation safety programs of government agencies; reviewing safety standards, regulations, highway accident investigation techniques, and research approaches of various government agencies; representing the NTSB at various safety meetings and hearings; and providing information and recommendations on planning NTSB investigative activities.

Directed NTSB congressionally requested program to review the USDOT's program for the development of the automobile airbag, truck air brake systems, and other vehicle safety regulatory activities.

November 1972 to October 1976   Served as NTSB staff highway and traffic engineer. Responsible for investigating and analyzing selected highway traffic crashes; studying and analyzing highway crash problem areas; reviewing and analyzing the effect of existing regulations and standards on crash cause and prevention; preparing recommendations to government and industry to aid in preventing highway crashes; reviewing proposed highway safety regulations and legislation and preparing written comments; and reviewing government highway research programs and recommended improvements.

September 1961 to November 1972, California Department of Transportation

July 1969 to November 1972   Served as Traffic Safety and Control Engineer responsible for planning and development of traffic safety and traffic operation improvements for the state toll bridges and highways. Operational activities included reviewing and recommending changes in traffic control signing and markings, highway crash analysis, operational safety research projects, worker and motorist safety and emergency assistance projects; reviewing roadside safety hardware; upgrading programs; and analyzing highway and bridge roadway design plans affecting motorists and worker safety. September 1961 to July 1969   Served as field engineer involved in construction of highways; major highway bridges; and underwater tunnels and tubes for rail rapid transit facilities.  Experience included activities involving surveying; structural steel erection; concrete placement; pile driving; road surface paving; work zone safety; plan and specification review; analysis and modifications; construction compliance; and general contract administration.



Institute of Transportation Engineers
Transportation Research Board.


Transportation Safety Institute, U.S. Department of Transportation, Associate Staff Member;

Transportation Research Board "Study Committee for the Study of Geometric Design Standards for Highway Improvements";

American Bar Association, National Institute, Faculty Member;

National Society of Professional Engineers, State Director, Chapter President and Vice President, Chairman of Transportation Safety Committee;

Transportation Research Board, Panel 8 04 "Safe Conduct of Traffic through Highway Construction and Maintenance Work Zones";

Transportation Research Board, Panel GL7 4 "Evaluation of Traffic Controls for Street and Highway Work Zones";

National Transportation Accident Investigation School, Associate Staff Member;

Federal Highway Administrator's Safety Review Task Force;

Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center: Legal and Liability Task Force;

Washington State Department of Transportation Highway Safety Management System Standing Committee Member;

Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine;

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety—Panel for Safety Impacts of Pavement Edge Drop-offs;

The National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Inc..


Special Award of the National Transportation Safety Board;

National Transportation Safety Board Award for Special Achievement in Recognition of Outstanding Performance;

California Society of Professional Engineers Award for Outstanding Performance;

Contra Costa County, California, Certificate of Appreciation for Dedicated Efforts and Outstanding Services as a member of the Alamo Danville Police Advisory Committee.

PUBLICATIONS AND PAPERS (A representative list)

EDITOR of the following:

TranSafety Reporter, TranSafety, Inc., 1983 – 1998;

Auto and Road User Journal, TranSafety, Inc. 1997 – 1998;

Road Management and Engineering Journal, TranSafety, Inc. 1997 – present;

Road Injury Prevention and Litigation Journal, TranSafety, Inc. 1997 – present;

Road Travel Getaways, TranSafety, Inc. 1997 – 1998;

Road Work Safety Report, TranSafety, Inc., 1991 – 1993;

Edge Dropoffs, TranSafety, Inc., 1988;

Highway Hazards Reference Manual, TranSafety, Inc., 1983, 1985, 1987;

Work Zone Safety Reference Manual, TranSafety, Inc., 1988, 1992.

AUTHOR of the following:

"Factors Commonly Found in Negligent Highway Design and Maintenance Cases and Methods to Reduce Risk," Municipal Liability:The Search for the Deep Pocket. National Institute, American Bar Association, pp. 44-56, November 1986;

"Roadside Safety Research: A Crisis," Twenty-Seventh Proceedings of the American Association for Automotive Medicine, October 1983, pp.437-442;

“Traffic Barriers: Designs, Failures and Litigation,” TranSafety, Inc., July 1983;

"Accident Research Issues Faced by the National Transportation Safety Board," Evaluation of Severity of Collisions with Roadside Features: Data Needs, Transportation Research Circular, Number 256, pp. 15-16, March 1983;

"Improving Safety in Highway Work Zones -- A Matter of Ethics," Proceedings of the 20th Conference of the American Association for Automotive Medicine, 1976;

"Railroading the Ethical," American Society of Mechanical Engineers publication 75-TS-4, presented at the Engineering Applications Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, May 18-21, 1975;

"Ethical Professionals Without Support -- A Case in Point," Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Committee on Social Implications of Technology Newsletter, June 1974.;

“Reshaping the Goals of the Professional Engineering Organizations," Presented to the Long Island Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, September 27, 1972.

PARTICIPATED in the following:

Safety Impacts of Pavement Edge Drop-offs. September 2006, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Washington, DC;

Designing Safer Roads - Practices for Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation, Special Report 214, Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, 1987;

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, 1978, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, 1978;

Safety Effectiveness Evaluation - Federal Highway Administration of Non-Interstate Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation Programs. NTSB-SEE-81-4. National Transportation Safety Board, 1981;

Safety Effectiveness Evaluation - The Usefulness of Insurance Data in Highway Safety Research. NTSB-SEE-81-5. National Transportation Safety Board, 1981;

Safety Effectiveness Evaluation of Detection and Control of Unsafe Interstate Commercial Drivers Through: The National Drivers Register; State Drivers Licensing Policies; The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. NTSB-SEE-80-1. National Transportation Safety Board, 1980;

Safety Effectiveness Evaluation of Traffic Barrier Systems. NTSB-SEE-80-5. National Transportation Safety Board, 1980;

Safety Effectiveness Evaluation of Selected State Highway Skid Resistance Programs. NTSB-SEE-80-6. National Transportation Safety Board, 1980;

Safety Effectiveness Evaluation, Report to Congress of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's National Accident Sampling System. 2 Volumes, NTSB-SEE-78-1 and NTSB-SEE-79-1. National Transportation Safety Board, 1979.Safety Effectiveness Evaluation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Rulemaking Process.

Volume 1, Case History of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121: Air Brakes Systems, NTSB-SEE-79-4. National Transportation Safety Board, 1979.

Volume 2, Case History of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208: Occupant Crash Protection, NTSB-SEE-79-5. National Transportation Safety Board, 1979.

Volume 3, Current Rulemaking, NTSB-SEE-80-2. National Transportation Safety Board, 1980.

Volume 4, Analysis, Conclusions, and Recommendations, NTSB-SEE-80-3. National Transportation Safety Board, 1980.

Highway Accident Report - Student Transportation Lines, Inc. Charter Bus Climbing of Bridge Rail and Overturn near Martinez, California, May 21, 1976. NTSB-HAR-77-2. National Transportation Safety Board, 1977;

Highway Accident Report, Transport Company of Texas, Tractor-Semi-Trailer (Tank) Collision with Bridge Column and Sudden Dispersal of Anhydrous Ammonia Cargo, I-610 at Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas, May 11, 1976. NTSB-HAR-77-1. National Transportation Safety Board, 1977;

Letter of Recommendation to Honorable Norbert T. Tiemann, Administrator, Federal Highway Administration, and Honorable Mills Godwin, Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia re: automobile accidents resulting from hazards in construction zone on Interstate Highway I-495 in Virginia near Washington, D.C. National Transportation Safety Board, 1975;

Highway Accident Report - Deaton Company Incorporated, Truck/Automobile Collision, Chattahoochee River Bridge, 1-20, Atlanta, Georgia, August 21, 1973. NTSB-HAR-75-4, National Transportation Safety Board, 1975;

Highway Accident Report - Wilmeth Cattle Company Truck/Bridge/Transportation Enterprises, Inc., Bus U.S. 60-84, Fort Sumner, New Mexico, December 26, 1972. NTSB-HAR-74-1, National Transportation Safety Board, 1974;

Feasibility Study of Closed Circuit Television for Traffic Surveillance. State of California - Division of Bay Toll Crossings, September 1972;

Emergency Roadside Service Operating Criteria. State of California - Division of Bay Toll Crossings, May 1972.