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Articles - April, 1997

April 1, 1997
State Liable Where Expert Witnesses Show Curb Was a Hazardous Condition

Nebraska's placement of a curb and delineator posts was found to be the proximate cause of the crash and injuries of a motorist who swerved onto the opposite side of the roadway to avoid hitting a bird.

April 1, 1997
Characteristics of Drivers Who Carry Passengers in the Back of Pickups

A survey conducted in Riverside County, California, yielded a detailed description of the motorists who are most likely to carry passengers in the back of a pickup.

April 1, 1997
Jury Will Decide If County Roadway Construction and Design Created a "Dangerous Condition"

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation asked the court to include Allegheny County in a suit claiming a dangerous condition in the design of the traffic control device at and intersection caused a collision that injured four people.

April 1, 1997
When Driver Failed to Yield, Downed Stop Sign Not Proximate Cause of Injuries

A motorist received injuries when his car struck a truck at and intersection where the City of New York had not replaced a downed stop sign. The appeal court decided the plaintiff's misjudgment and failure to yield and the truck's excessive speed caused the collision.

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