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Articles - July, 1997

July 19, 1997
State of Indiana Negligent Where Dust from Shoulder Cleaning Blinded Young Motorcyclist

Gives details of legal case where the State was found negligent for failing to warn of a dust cloud created by roadway cleanup that blinded a high school motorcyclist and caused him to hit a semi-tractor trailer.

July 19, 1997
Minnesota Contractor and Subcontractor Had No Duty for Detour Route Outside Construction Zone

When collision happened on a detour, the court found the construction zone contractors' duty limited to the construction zone itself.

July 19, 1997
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Publishes Annual Report on Alcohol Involvement in Fatal Crashes

Summarizes statistics on the involvement of alcohol in fatal crashes in 1995, reporting on factors such as gender, age, type of vehicle, age of vehicle, day of the week, time of the day, crash type, and use of restraints.

July 19, 1997
Courses Offered on Heavy-Duty Truck Systems and Computer Simulation of Vehicle Dynamics

In July of 1997, the University of Michigan is offering two courses of particular interest to highway safety professionals.

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