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Articles - August, 1997

August 10, 1997
County May Owe Duty to Intoxicated Driver and Deceased Passengers If Edge Dropoff Contributing Cause of Crash

Two passengers died when an intoxicated driver's vehicle dropped off the roadway's edge. A special representative of the passengers claimed the County's negligence in creating an edge dropoff at the crash site and knowingly allowing the dangerous condition to exist was a contributing proximate cause of the crash and deaths, The Circuit Court of Williamson County granted the County's motion for summary judgment. The appellate court reversed and remanded, finding that the driver's being intoxicated did not relieve the County of its duty to maintain the roads in a safe condition.

August 10, 1997
Injury to Child Leaving Ice-Cream Truck Did Not Result from Dangerous Condition or Nuisance Created by California City

A passing vehicle hit and injured a child leaving an ice-cream truck in the City of San Diego (city), California. The injured child and the sister who was with her when the incident happened sued the city, claiming the city maintained its street in a "dangerous condition" and created a "nuisance" by allowing ice-cream trucks to operate on city streets. The Superior Court granted the city's motion for summary judgment; the Court of Appeal affirmed.

August 10, 1997
Michigan City Immune from Liability When No Admissible Evidence Showed Intersection Was Unsafe

Two vehicles collided at a two-way-stop intersection in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. One vehicle subsequently struck and injured a minor pedestrian standing on the sidewalk. Through her next friend, the pedestrian sued, among others, the municipality of Dearborn Heights. The Wayne Circuit Court granted the municipality's motion for summary judgment, and the Court of Appeals affirmed, concluding the plaintiff did not prove the traffic signs at the intersection were inadequate.

August 10, 1997
Can Graduated Licensing Lessen Risks for Young Drivers?

The goal of graduated licensing is to reduce the overinvolvement of teenage drivers in motor vehicle crashes. This article summarizes the proceedings of a 1995 workshop on graduated licensing and describes aspects of this process designed to help ensure that young drivers have a certain level of maturity and experience before gaining full driving privileges.

August 10, 1997
Washington State Study Focused on Bicycle-Collision Statistics from 1988-1993

To increase the knowledge base about bicycle collisions and improve highway/traffic safety, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) conducted a study on bicycle collisions in Washington State from 1988 through 1993. This article describes their conclusions and the implication for improvement of bicycle safety.

August 10, 1997
Automotive Engineering Describes Effectiveness of Restraints and Air Bags in Preventing Injuries to Children

March 1997 Automotive Engineering article described data from recent studies of injuries to children when child restraint systems or air bags were in use. While these systems have reduced the number of injuries and fatalities, more research is needed, particularly on child safety in air-bag deployment situations.

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